Our History

K.I.S.S. iT started back in 2003 as Cafe.NET. We started as a residential computer repair shop that took care of a wide variety of customer issues. Pentium IV was the dominate processor back then. Flat screen monitors were a luxury purchase and small in size. Gas was $1.49 a gallon. As you can see a lot has changed since then, and so have we. We opened our first shop on Onondaga Hill. From the beginning, our growth was at an accelerated pace. In the first 3 years we had over 3,000 clients of various types. In 2008 and busting at the seams we moved to a much larger location in downtown Syracuse. This allowed us to accommodate many different types of clients, and allowed us to grow into the commercial space. K.I.S.S. iT is an IT company that has grown with the times.

Our Mission

While some companies like to focus on the technology, the bells and whistles, we like to focus on our customers’ needs. All the technology in the world does not do any good if the end-user struggles with the basic day-to-day tasks. We try to educate each and every one of our customers. Doing this empowers them and makes them become more productive and confident in what they have. We develop long lasting relationships with our clients.
What type of clients do we help out? The simple answer is anyone that needs help in understanding technology. Yes, we fix computers, desktops, laptops, and other devices like everyone else. But we do it in a way that is fair to our customers, and lets our customers fully understand in layman terms what was causing their issues, how they were fixed, and what can they do to prevent future issues.