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How much does your business rely on technology to keep your organization running forward? As business technology becomes more complex, it’s becoming increasingly popular for organizations to have their own internal IT departments to manage and maintain it. Yet, small businesses don’t often have the necessary funds for such a feat. How can your company afford quality IT service? You can start by pursuing managed IT solutions

Residential iT services

Internet of Things

Nowadays, you would be hard-pressed to find a household that doesn’t have some sort of new technology. From IOT (Internet of Things (Nest, Ring Security, Alarms, Sensors, etc) tech is everywhere you look. At K.I.S.S. iT, we understand that daily life is increasingly dependent on technology, so when your tech stops.  Your world stops.  We can assist with setting up these devices, so they function as they should, and help troubleshoot when they fail.  Trust us to be there when you need us.  Technology can be complex, but not at K.I.S.S. iT


Remote support is just a few clicks away.  Both Commercial and Residential customers can use our services to help with issues. 

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